Government Orders/Circulars
Advance Drawal for CSS-ATMA 59-Flori/G&P of 2018 29.11.2018  n
Advance Drawal for CSS-ATMA 57-Flori/G&P of 2018 22.11.2018  n
Exposure visit & Training Programme of farmers outside the State under CSS (MIDH)-sanction of deputation of officers 55-Flori/G&P of 2018 20.11.2018  n
Floriculture, Gardens & Parks (Gazetted) Service Recruitment Rules-Declaration of initial constituents. 48-Flori/G&P of 2018 10.09.2018  n
Transfer & Posting 47-Flori/G&P of 2018 29.08.2018  n
Regularization of Contractual employees working in the Directorate of Floriculture, Kashmir 46-Flori/G&P of 2018 21.08.2018  n
Placement as I/c Floriculture Officer 44-Flori/G&P of 2018 09.08.2018  n
Guidelines to regulate photographers trde in Gradens & Parks of Floriculture Department. 43-Flori/G&P of 2018 01.08.2018  n
Constitution of State Level/Divisional Level Contract Committees in the Floriculture Department 42-Flori/G&P of 2018 01.08.2018  n
Condemnation of Departmental Vehicle 39-Flori/G&P of 2018 29.06.2018  n
Sanction of G.P. Fund (Refundable) in favour of Mrs. Mathora Masoom Kashmir 38-Flori/G&P of 2018 29.06.2018  n
Deputation of Officers to neighbouring States for purchses of open pollinated seeds of summer/winter annuals. 35-Flori/G&P of 2018 07.06.2018  n
60th Annual Flower Show of University of Delhi 34-Flori/G&P of 2018 07.06.2018  n
Posting the charge of Executive Engineers in Floriculture Department 32-Flori/G&P of 2018 07.06.2018  n
Study tour cum Training Prgoramme on Orchids and other Cut Flowers at ICAR-NRC for Orchids, Pakyong Sikkim and Kalimpong. 31-Flori/G&P of 2018 07.06.2018  n
Assignment of charges 30-Flori/G&P of 2018 04.06.2018  n
Settlement of intervening period of 30 Gardeners of Floriculture, Gardens & Parks Department 29-Flori/G&P of of 2018; 24.04.2018  n
Enquiry into not following norms & guidelines for granting permission/renewal to the Photographers for Photography proposed at Bagh-e-Bahu, Jammu during the period 2009-10 against Sh. Kulbushan Kumar Sharma, then Director Floriculture, Jammu 28-Flori/G&P of of 2018; 19.04.2018  n
Assignment of charge 27-Flori/G&P of of 2018; 20.04.2018  n
Capex Budget 2017-18 Release of Funds thereof. 26-Flori/P&G of of 2018 28.03.2018 n
Regular engagement of Casual and other workers (CSLWs) 24-Flori of of 2018 22.03.2018 n
Compassionate appointment of Mr. Anshy Sharma S/o Late Puran Chand (Ex-Gardener) R/o Searli Katra, Tehsil Katra under SRO-43 of 1994 23-Flori/P&G of of 2018 19.03.2018 n
Capex Budget 2017-18 Release of Funds thereof. 22-Flori/P&G of of 2018 28.03.2018 n
Revised Estimates under Capital Expenditure Budget 2017-18 19-Flori/P&G of of 2018 27.02.2018 n
Guidelines to regulate photographers trade in Gardens & Parks of Floriculture Department 17-Flori/P&G of of 2018 23.02.2018 n
Nomination of Nodal Officer. 11-Flori/P&G of of 2018 30.01.2018 n
Nomination of Chief Vigilance Officer for Floriculture Gardens & Parks Department 12-Flori/P&G of of 2018 31.01.2018 n
Advance Drawal under CSS, (MIDH) implementation of programme during 2017-18 10-Flori/P&G of of 2018 30.01.2018 n
Creation of one supernumerary post of helper in the Floriculutre, Gardens & Parks Department 09-Flori/P&G of of 2018 30.01.2018 n
Creatio nof two temporary posts of Helpers in the Floriculture Gardens & Parks Department 08-Flori/P&G of of 2018 30.01.2018 n
Release of salary of Miss Lakshmi, Assistant Floriculture 07-Flori/P&G of of 2018 29.01.2018 n
Enquiry regarding purchase of computers in the year 2003-2004 by Director Floriculture, J&K 06-Flori/P&G of of 2018 26.01.2018 n
Up-datin gof official website of Floriculutre, Gardens & Parks Department (www.jkfloriculure.nic.in) 04-Flori/P&G of of 2018 02.01.2018 n